About Us

Tow Bar Sydney has been involved in the tow bar business for over 20 years. We provide high-quality tow bars, tow bar fitting and tow bar installation in Sydney and the surrounding area. Over these years we have been able to establish a powerful reputation for delivering the most reliable tow bar accessories and kits carefully selected for customer’s needs and desires. We are also known for the expert staff we have and the free tips and advice we provide.

Thanks to our permanent efforts to provide superior quality tow bar installation and two bar fitting services in Sydney we were able to expand our business gradually. Our customers have recognized the professionalism of our team. We have established ourselves as an authority in the field of towbar services.

Why Choose Tow Bar Sydney?

Tow Bar Sydney has a complete range of towing accessories and tow bar kits including tow hitch, tow bars and tow ball products. Our tow bars, hitch pins, couplings span a range of types and brands that are rigorously evaluated for compliance with Australian standards (AS4177). Needless to say, our installation and fitting services are following all the laws and regulations in this field too.

At Tow Bar Sydney, we have only one thing on our mind when you ask for our help – to give you a great service experience. We are proud to say that we have a reputation of a professional, responsive and reliable service provider that follows the highest levels of safety and promises durability and full functionality of our products. We pay special attention to every customer and we install tow bars with great attention. We understand that each person we serve has different load carrying requirements and towing needs, and we will stop at nothing until you walk out of our shop satisfied.

We understand that tow bar installation and fitting is a service that you might need more than once in your lifetime, so we want to build strong and long-lasting relationship with you. We aim for our customers to come back to us for many years to come. That’s why it’s important for us to build strong relationships with our customers.  While there are many towbar providers in the area, we like to see ourselves as unique in our commitment to our customers and take great care and attention to their needs and requirements. When you walk out of our door, we guarantee that you will be more than happy with your new tow bar, and should anything be less than perfect, we are ready and willing to correct the issue. This is what is setting Tow Bar Sydney apart from all other tow bar fitters in the Sydney area.

For towbar setup questions, needs and requirements, all you need to do is contact our team of experienced and qualified experts. We will make sure that all your towing needs are met. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a long trip or you need a towbar installation or fitting for your daily activities, Tow Bar Sydney has the right product, service and experience to help you.

Give us a call today on 02 8294 6658, so we can get started helping you with your tow bar installation.