Tow Bar Types – A Basic Guide

Since there are many different types of tow bars on the market, it is always a good idea to learn more about the most popular ones because this is the only way to find out which type is best for you. In this article we will provide basic information about the most popular types of tow bars today.


This is one of the most commonly used types of tow bars in Australia. The flange tow bar is a type of tow bar where the tow ball is fastened directly to the bar with the help of two bolts. In addition, sometimes people use four bolts for extra security. Flange tow bar type comes in different designs and people use different tow ball accessories in order to get the most from it. It is good to point out that this is a non-removable tow bar.

People decide to use this type of bar because it can be easily installed on most vehicles and they can choose to use different tow balls. In addition, drop plates can be used to change the bar’s height. Finally, this type of towbar is inexpensive. The only downside is that this type of tow bar is quite visible.

Swan neck

Swan neck tow bar is usually used in Europe even though it is not uncommon to see it in Australia too. When it comes to swan neck towbar, both the neck and the tow ball represent one piece which is part of the tow bar. Even though swan neck tow bar is visible, it is more acceptable because the appearance is more neat and simple. However, they don’t allow to attach a cycle carrier and to tow at the same time.

So, swan neck tow bars are used because their appearance is acceptable, they can be installed in many different types and models of vehicles and they are just a little bit more expensive than flange tow bars. On the other hand, many people find the inability to adjust the height of the tow ball difficult. In addition, swan neck tow bar doesn’t allow fitting of alternate tow balls.


Detachable tow bars have similar appearance as swan neck when they are fitted to the truck, SUV, car or other type of vehicle. But, the best part about this tow bar is the fact that users can easily detach the bar when it is not used and the tow bar is practically invisible. This is definitely a huge advantage over other types of tow bars especially for people who own expensive and attractive vehicles and don’t want to ruin the appearance of their vehicle. Even though this type of tow bar was designed for use in only some types of vehicles, modern detachable tow bars can be used on almost any vehicle. Of course, detachable tow bars have some downsides to like inability to adjust tow ball height and the fact that it is costlier than other towbars.   

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